• Simple Rules to Live By

    Under-Promise, Over-Deliver. Never commit to something you cannot deliver. When negotiating a deadline, be 100% confident that you can exceed it. Deliver before your deadline. Then do more than expected. Include value-added touches, such as an executive summary, talking points, implementation plan or slick packaging.

    Meet Every Deadline. Late work is career suicide. Remember this — there are 24 hours in a day and seven days a week, and someone else may be able to help you. If there is no possible way you can meet a deadline, renegotiate it as soon as you know it might be late.

    Ask For Help. It is a sign of strength, not weakness. Whatever your current task, someone else already has done a similar project and has learned from the inevitable mistakes and wrong approaches. Find these people so they can help you avoid pitfalls and improve your project. Look outside your unit and service — the answer may reside in a neighbor who works for another office, unit or agency, or in the private sector.

    Search For Good Opportunities. Throughout your career, you will be assigned lots of special projects, collateral duties and odd jobs. Volunteer for collateral assignments where you can excel or from which you can grow and learn. Let your supervisors know you are interested in special projects that will help you grow.

  • Hello world!


    Hello world!

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